Scott Duncan (Phone 021 229 6020)
Scott Duncan
Property and Building Manager

Scott Duncan

Scott first touched down in Queenstown in 1999, working in the hospitality industry for several years. This "hospo" background gave him an excellent grounding for property management, with its service focus, erratic hours and demanding nature.

Scott's property management career began in earnest in London. After travelling and a huge learning year as a door to door salesman, he started as a letting agent (clocking up the record for most properties let in a month) and also assisted the company in setting up a new office. Jump to 2008, (skipping some Canadian ski/work stints, in keeping with Scott's snow passion), and Scott started with us as a Property Manager.

He is now firmly entrenched in Bayleys Property Management and Queenstown, right down to his "wife, three kids and a mortgage" status! Clients appreciate Scott's level head, experience of the local property management market, and his ability to seamlessly do the job for owners and tenants without causing a ripple.

Preparation is a key part of Scott's approach:

"For me one of the most important aspects to property management is setting things up correctly from the start, doing your due diligence on applicants and ensuring the right reporting is in place. If things start the right way, they will continue down that path."